WinGo – innovative technology developed in Latvia, whose goal is to collect and process all packaging
Technologically we’re
ahead of the rest
Our system can recognise packaging
that is crushed, folded or scratched.
Even if it is impossible to read the barcode.
In future, we’ll be able
to collect everything
Currently a system has been
created to collect glass,
plastic bottles and cans
but in future it will also be possible
to deliver cosmetic packaging,
batteries and other items.
Options for users
and businesses
We provide user authentication
that opens up opportunities
for communication activities
and loyalty programmes.
What is WinGO?
WinGO is a team of green-minded IT specialists and engineers. We were united by what we’d heard in the press than that there was no technology in the world capable of collection not only crushed bottles and cans in a deposit system, as well as other waste.
So we created WinGO.
The very first prototype we created earned recognition of both the general public and experts of various industries, in Latvia and internationally. Our innovative approach, based on AI, sparked wide interest and discussions. It encouraged us to explore WinGO's ability to grow globally.